Here you will find some of my paintings. 

 Moon Light

 My Grandson and I Painting

 Showing him how to make mountains.

The Finish Product *The Dragon* By 7 year old Zachary Karpf  and Brenda Moran.

Unfinished *Reflections* 

*The Pond*

*Just Strolling*

I love this photo that I seen in a magazine so much. I wanted it for my plain cardboard boxes,  I purchased them at a yard-sale really cheap.  I used Acrylic paints.

This 16x20 painting was done by my Grandmother Mildred A. Pool.  It was a gift to my Mother. My mother left it to me when she died. The frame is very old as well. My grandmother loved painting, quilting and cross-stitching. There is a duplicate of this painting that she done in her house. I know she loved the artist Bob Ross.   If I am not mistaken, the original is behind the painting. Which I believe is a bowl of fruit spilling over onto the table.

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