Art of Sewing

I wanted to share my sewing projects. If you have children or grandchildren sewing is a must.  I used to watch my mother sew clothing for me as a child. We had a very large family of ten, so I assume she was cutting corners to save money.  I took Home Economics classes in middle school as well as Pioneer Life. I loved them both very much. Sewing is truly an art form, 

My Lovely Daughter wanted an ACU purse for her Birthday  a few years ago and that is exactly what I made her. She doesn't have the badges on it right now but I've seen it with them. I am so pleased with the way it turned out. No pattern mind you. I did it all from scratch and it has the works on it. Even her very own dog tag. 
I am happy to say that she loves her purse because it was made out of her Husband very first deployment shirt. She tells me that at the Christmas army party the general puller her aside asking her why she is causing such a fuss there." WHAT?" He said all the ladies wanted to know who made her purse, that it is way nicer than the others. That made my day and hers too.

These costumes I made a several years ago for my grandchildren. The cowardly Lion and Dorothy. One of my granddaughters favorite movies.

When sewing you must have that perfect material.  The chevron pattern was in style in 2013 and 14. 

You can purchase patterns off line and print them for a reasonable price. You just have to know how to put it together after printing.

I made about a dozen of pillow case dresses, seven for my youngest granddaughter and  the rest went to other family members children. 

 I had to add the little ruffle pants. They were too adorable!

This maxi dress I made from scrap material.  its was a bit challenging for me but it turned out ok.

I couldn't leave out my grandson. He wasn't having it. He plays first base on his baseball team so when I saw this pattern I decided to make some shorts to match his shirt. He was disappointed because they didn't have pockets.
*Personal Reminder (ADD POCKETS TO SHORTS).

Sewing lessons  for my granddaughter.
 If  your going to teach a child to sew, I suggest to start off with no thread and teach them how to work the peddle speed and feeding the material, that way you won't be fighting broken needles and knotted up thread. I have to admit, she did very well for her first time.

Please drop back in and see what other items I've tackled. 

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