Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twist Copper Cuff with Beads

I just took a tutorial from Cindy Lietz on how to make a Copper Bangle Bracelet,
which required a different size copper wire that I did not have.
I did have a larger gauge wire though.
I found it to be a little difficult to work with, but I like how this turned out.
On the beads that I used is the extruder technic. Which you can also find in Cindy Lietz Libary. If you would like to purchase or view the intro video please visit Cindy Lietz; Dangle Bangle
Or if you would like to purchase or View the intro Video for how to make the Extruder Flower Cane, please visit Cindy Lietz; Extruder Flower Cane

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whimsical Handcrafted Beaded Bracelet

I have to say when I started this project I didn't actually know what I was getting myself into.
The challange of creating a bracelet out of a roll of wire was not easy. I started bending the wire and got it half way done then sat it down for about a month.
I would see that stupid bent wire hanging on my tool rack everyday. So, Last month or so I picked it up and could not put it down.
I hammered the the gold tone wire into a whimsical wave I then wired each spot together. after it was held together secure I added Lentil Beads, Disc Beads, Ceramic Black Beads, and Glass Seed Beads. Valah! I have a beautiful Bracelet. Some of the Beads used in this I learned through Cindy Lietz, If you would like To Purchace or View the Intro Tutorial Click here: LENTIL BEAD

Mobius Beaded Necklace

I created this one of a kind necklace using handcrafted Mobius Beads, Ceramic Black
Beads, Gold Glass Seed Beads, and a Large Brass Focal Bead.
I used silver plated wire for the chain links. It has a very posh look when wearing it.
If you like the look of the mobius beads and want to Purchace or want to View the Tutorial Clip,
Please visit Cindy Lietz: MOBIUS BEAD TUTORIAL

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hammered Metal Bezel Pendant

This is a Hammered metal Bezel that I made. I used a Faux Opal Bead as a focal bead.
If you like this and would like to learn how to make them please visit Cindy Lietz: Hammered Metal Bezels

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mitered Corner Cane

I really enjoyed making this cane. Fun, Fun colors to work with, you can use any colors you like. The picture to the right are some Items that I made from the scraps of left over clay.  If  You would Like to Learn how to make this cane, Please visit  Cindy Lietz    Mitered Cane Tutorial.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Youtube video of my pendants that I made.

Rose Cane Leaves

My very first rose cane. I really like how it turned out concidering I had no tutorial to follow. I used a skinner blend and translucent. I was asked if I could explian how to make the rose. I first took the skinner blend of purple and white. Made a cane. I then rolled it out and cut it into seven pieces. I flattened then out and put a slight curve down the middle so that when you looked at it it looked to be like a petal. The first one in the center, I rolled the rest I kept wrapping around each other until I got to the outer petals. I added tranparent clay snakes under the edges then wrapped it with a very thin piece of transparency clay.   And that is how you make a rose cane.  The leaf cane a skinner blend as well with slices of brown for the veins.

My attempt to make Pandora Beads. I think they turned out pretty good. The large one in the center has a Pink Rose, which was my first rose cane attempt. The others looked like the Jupiter design somewhat.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leopard Polymer Clay Necklace

This was made using the Leopard Cane. 

 To Purchase or View the Tutorial Intro Clip, please visit Cindy Lietz: Leopard Cane Tutorial 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interchangable Pendant

 I really like making this Interchangeable Pendant. I gave it a heart shape to match my heart bead and added some green glass seed beads to give it a bit of flare. What is nice, you can add any bead you like to it. If you would like to learn to make this pendant, please visit Cindy Lietz: Interchangeable Pendants

Zebra Cane Projects

Zebra Patterns. I made fun Twisty dangle earrings with a little chrystal charm hanging from the messy wrap. Also I made a pair of J type earrings from hammered metal.To Purchase or View the Tutorial Intro Clip, please visit Cindy Lietz: Zebra Cane

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mushroom Bead Charms

My attempt to make mushroom charms. They haven't been glazed yet. As you can tell in the photo they are chalky dull looking. After they are cleaned up they will as I put it Pop! :) 
If You would like to Purchace Cindy Lietz Mushroom Bead Video Click Here.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Puffy Bead & Zebra Cane Jewelry

Here are a few things that I have been working on using the Zebra Cane. I have been working with making my own blanks for bracelets and earrings, but they are not finished. Still have a lot to do with this project. The pictures do it no justice. If You would Like to Learn how to make this cane, Please visit Cindy Lietz: Zebra Cane , Puffy Bead.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ivy Leaves and Fuax Jade

These pieces were made using Faux Jade technic, and the Ivy leaves were made using a skinner blend. Again from Cindy Leitz tutorials. I added gold paint to bring out the viens in the leaves to give a more realistic look to them. On the embosed faux jade pendant I glazed over it with epoxy resin. The gold plated curly que's were a must, I havent tackeled making my own ball pins heads yet. If You would Like to Learn how to make this cane, Please visit Cindy Lietz: Ivy Leaf Charms, Faux Jade