Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rose Cane Leaves

My very first rose cane. I really like how it turned out concidering I had no tutorial to follow. I used a skinner blend and translucent. I was asked if I could explian how to make the rose. I first took the skinner blend of purple and white. Made a cane. I then rolled it out and cut it into seven pieces. I flattened then out and put a slight curve down the middle so that when you looked at it it looked to be like a petal. The first one in the center, I rolled the rest I kept wrapping around each other until I got to the outer petals. I added tranparent clay snakes under the edges then wrapped it with a very thin piece of transparency clay.   And that is how you make a rose cane.  The leaf cane a skinner blend as well with slices of brown for the veins.

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  1. pretty very pretty i what what ever you make out of those