Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mitered Corner Cane

I really enjoyed making this cane. Fun, Fun colors to work with, you can use any colors you like. The picture to the right are some Items that I made from the scraps of left over clay.  If  You would Like to Learn how to make this cane, Please visit  Cindy Lietz    Mitered Cane Tutorial.


  1. Hi Brenda, I am reading all the comments on the new way Cindy is wanting us to improve our picture showing. I clicked on your name in Cindys blog and got here, so you must be doing it right.
    Yes I agree with Phaedracat, You are so prolific with your work, I am way behind. havent even been to my blog in 2 mnths due to Ops I have had, but as that is all over now, am going to get blogging again. I think this is a great way to do this as it must have been a huge project to Cindy when we all send things into her.
    Love your blog and your poly , see you in Cindys blog soon.
    Elizabeth K. XXX

  2. anche questo è molto bello, mi piace tanto idea di applicare ad animali. grazie un abbraccio

  3. I love all the jewelry you have been posting Brenda! You really make me feel proud. The whale is totally awesome! What a neat thing to do with such a funky cane. It is such a pleasure to see what kind of spin you'll put on the tutorials next. Great job!