Sketched Pictures

 This Picture is of my Grandaughter Marissa. I call it "Gammies Baby Girl" it is dated 12/06. I used Chalk Pencils to sketch it.

This is a sketching of my cat Skippy. I never got to finishing it. I sketch people better than Animals I think.

This is a picture that I sketched  in Dec. of 98 using chalks that I got for Christmas. The arriginal that I looked at was a figurine in a magazine. I love fairies.

This is a Sketching of a painting that I looked at I used a regu
lar pencil. I liked it because it seems to tell a story.


Below you will find a few of my 40 day challenge portraits.

 Don Moran

 Helen R Pool
 Myself and Brandy my daughter.

 Phillip B Price

 Marissa my Granddaughter

 Sgt.Sean P. Karpf
Warren A Price

 Zach all wet.

Zachary having Summer Fun

 Carrie Williams

 Don Moran Sr.


 Emma Caserta age 2

 Mariah Duram

 Warren F Pool age of  97 

I had this one matted and framed then mail ordered a name plate for it with his name, my names as the artist and the date.  I sent it to him for Christmas.  He Loved it!  He said that I was good and that he couldn't even draw a straight line.  It made my heart swell with pride.

 Bryan Barbee (Step Grandson)

 Kayla Gaines

 Kenneth Price


 Maddison Keeley

 Marissa K.



 Helen Rose (Mother)

 Mother and Daughter

 Phillip Price



 Sgt.Sean P Karpf

 Warren Price

 Unfinished Zachary

Zachary K

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