Monday, August 30, 2010

The Crown Ring

This is my newest creation. I used the extruder cane bead for the focal bead. Yes' this ring is big but most are now days, big and fun. The wire wrapping is mine. I had no book to follow and this one is very sloppy and unique. I saw the swirl design one day online on a ring and wanted to try and see if I could make some myself. On the side of the ring you will see the wrapping. What you can't see it is a messy wrap. I could not get it to look smooth. I guess if I keep practicing I will tackle the perfection of getting that wire just right. I am not too worried about it though. It is made with silver coated copper wire. Just another fun Bling Ring ;) This ring is a size 7 1/2

Friday, August 27, 2010

Handcrafted Pillow Bead Copper Ring

Here is my newest creation using a leopard print pillow bead and square cut copper wire. It is a size 8.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wire Wrapped Rings

As you can see here I have severial pictures of wire wrapped rings. They are fun to make, if you know what you are doing. These are not perfect and I would never sell them because of it. I learned today what I was doing wrong by watching Cindy Lietz Tutorial on  Wire Wrapped Rings.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Peek-A-Boo Rour!

This Pendant and Earrings were made using the Leopard Cane, Back Ground Pattern Sheet, Puffy Bead Technique, and Epoxy Resin. I  just love how the leapard pattern magnifies through the little heart window. I have to give credit were credit is due to Hanne-R for sharing the tip about the peek-a-boo holes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Spoon Bail Pendant

This Pendant was made using two different techniques. The bail part is made from an everyday spoon and the pendant is a Fuax Black Marble. I have had this made for a while Just never done anything with it. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. What is your opinion? The letters on the bail is my intials BM. Click here to learn more on making spoon bail

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thank You Jesus!

While visiting my Daugher and Grand children in NC. We went to a local hobby store where I found a small cutter for the cross.  I made a background pattern sheet out of the Blend and Switch Technique to get this amazing cross.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Green Magnolia

 I call this Pendant "Green Magnolia" I had some scrap clay that I was playing around with. I was using one of the sculpy tools to make pedals. I came up with this flower. Being that Green is one of my favorite colors, I decided to keep it. That is how I came up with the Blend and Switch Flower. As you see from the other picture below I used the Hammered Bezel Technique for the Backing.

Here is a close up of the center "stigma".

Heart Full Of Gold

This is a hollow puffy heart. When I first started making beads, I searched the net until I came across a way to make pillow beads. I have to say "This was very difficult to make" nothing like the way Cindy teaches. My Client owned this one as soon as she seen them. She purchased several for her friends. Thank You Kristi :) Now she hasn't seen the Bracelets that I made to match.

I wonder If she will Like it :) , I'll keep you posted.

Twisted Copper Cuff " Candy Bling"

This is one of my Twisted Cuff Bracelets. One of my Day Care Girls name this "Candy Bling" because the colors remind her of candy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Camouflage Jewelry

This is a picture of my Grandaughter sporting a couple of Camouflage pieces of jewelry that I had made. She, her brother and Mommy have been so strong while their Daddy has been away.  I have been asked about doing fundraising to help support our soldiers by selling some of these type pieces of jewelry. I  feel honored to be able to help in any way.   If you would like to learn how to make Hollow Puffy Beads by Cindy Lietz click on the link.

Camo Earrings

Thank You Bobbi Wright, 1-508 C-Co FRG leader
 for your Order. Here is a Pic of the Completed Order.

Pink Dogwood Floral Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant

I made this heart pendant a long time ago. I used two different techniques from Cindy Lietz Tutorials.
Heart Shaped Beads and the Dogwood Flower Cane. My sister Cathy nabbed this up as soon as she seen it :) She is my biggest fan.
The wire wrapping back then was done by me as we. I had no lessons in wire wrapping back then. I done this one playing around. I kept thinking of those old love knot rings and pretty it would be with that on there. I probably would never be able to make it again. I have since been ordering videos and teaching myself from home.


First off, I am sorry for the quality of my picture. I have lint everywhere :) I wanted to share with you about how your work can turn into a disaster in the baking proccess. If you look closely you can see tiny little bubbles that has popped. I went ahead and finished the piece because I carved this design, and even though it is messed up, it isnt that bad in person. I am guessing what has happen to this piece is : 1. It had air bubbles in the clay or 2. I burnt it. I want to say it was #2 because the hole piece was bubbled up from underneath the clay and lightbulb. Such a shame.

Stained Glass Floral pendant

This pendant was made using a technique called Blend and Switch And the Hammered Bezel Technique. It looks complicated but it really isn't. I love this one so much I am keeping it for myself. If anyone wants one, just let me know.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Avatar Symbol Pendant's

This set of pendant's were inspired by the Avatar cartoon's. The pendant in the top left corner is the symbol of Air, top right earth, bottom left water and bottom right fire. I made these for my tween age Day Care girls. The love the show so much, that they claim to be each charicter that has the ability to using these techniques.  They are so much fun. I really enjoy having them around. I've have been caring for them since they were teeny tiny.

 I took a lesson on Cindy Lietz website on how to make these glass like pendants. Click on the link to learn how to make Faux Dichoic Glass Mica Technique