Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Avatar Symbol Pendant's

This set of pendant's were inspired by the Avatar cartoon's. The pendant in the top left corner is the symbol of Air, top right earth, bottom left water and bottom right fire. I made these for my tween age Day Care girls. The love the show so much, that they claim to be each charicter that has the ability to using these techniques.  They are so much fun. I really enjoy having them around. I've have been caring for them since they were teeny tiny.

 I took a lesson on Cindy Lietz website on how to make these glass like pendants. Click on the link to learn how to make Faux Dichoic Glass Mica Technique


  1. i love them can't wait to see the water one on me and what a good idea

  2. I think I want to get one like this made how much would it cost me? Contact me on facebook or let me know when I see you again