Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tribal Leather Cuff


I raided my husband closet, and took his old leather belts. As you can see above the outcome turned out fantastic! When I told him that I cut his belts up, He totally freaked *LOL*. After he seen his present, he wasn't so mad anymore. He said that it was *Way Cool* He named this his lucky fishing cuff. The beads are made out of PC Faux Bone and they are hand carved with Tribal markings. The one that looks like a wagon wheel means "permanant Home" and the one that has the medican mans eye means "Wise and Watchful". I have more of these coming up soon. This is the second one that I made.
I have been brushing up on some old School leather classes from when I was a child. It is funny how things come back to you like that.
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  1. Love it! I have some leather tools given to me by my mother. She used to do leather craft and I've just not had the time to try anything. Every time I see the leather stuff at the craft stores I want to buy it and try something.