Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gods Jeweler's at Work

When I look out into the world I see all Gods artistic creations. I think about how wonderful of an artist he is. Every tree, flower, blade of grass, rocks, and even snow and rain have some form of pattern in them. Everything was made perfect in his eyes. As a child, I would lay in the field behind my house, between the pine trees looking up into the clouds trying to figure out what I could make of them. I would also walk the fields pulling one of those blades of hay and stare at the formation of seeds between each little fuzzy thing. All I can say is beautiful. I thank him for my gift.

I have really learned to respect other jewelry artistans work. When making things myself, I often stop and think "wow" this is alot of work. In the end after that piece is finished, I won't think about what it took for me to make it. I will admire that piece of art, because my hands touched every wire, link, clay, bead, claps, bail, brush and tools to make this beauty. So the next time you admire a piece of jewelry remember some artist out there put that together by hand.
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  1. That is beautiful. You're a writer too! I think exactly the same and i've just finished 'perfecting' my logo - remember the one I was discussing with you about the heart and the Holy Spirit? If you go to my Art space you will find a quotation there which is the same idea as what you wrote.

  2. Really :) I'll have to go read it. But being a writer, I don't know about that. I just feel that some people don't see things like we do. :)