Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Refurbished Pearl Ring

So, I had this ring that a private jeweler made for me back around 1994. This ring used to have a black pearl on the side of the white pearl until I lost it. Instead of having a new pearl added back to the ring, I let it sit in my jewelry box until now.

I snipped off the prongs on the side that had the black pearl missing and reshaped the ring then grabbed some copper wire and began to sculp a beautiful pearl, copper and gold ring. Isn't it a beauty! :)

I also did the same on a diamond solitare engagement ring for a client. She said she was going to sell it and wondered if I could do something with it. She loved what I did with it, and decided to keep it.

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  1. Wow Brenda! I'm just scrolling through and I have to say you do beautiful work.

    Each piece shows your obvious talents. These copper rings look beautiful!

    Is there something different about your copper wire? It looks like 2 wires but joined somehow....I don't know how to describe it - or is it the camera? It sure is lovely!

    I love working with copper too! However due to carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists I have to wait another 10 weeks before I pick up any tools.

    My brother and The Man have hidden them - they know me well!

    I'm going to keep scrolling!

  2. Pearl rings are a great way to show that special someone that you care about them. A favorite among women, pearls are seen as symbols of loyalty, love, faithfulness, and sincerity. A single pearl set on a gold band, is the perfect way to showcase nature's beauty. Thanks a lot.