Friday, March 25, 2011

Rosie The Fish

Check out Rosie the fish. My Sister gave me this fish statue years ago. Well It go knocked over and broke. I glued it back together and it just sat on my patio table It used to be a clown fish peachy color. I thought how neat it would be to give it a face lift.I still have a few more final touches before it hits the oven. 12 x12 in size.
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  1. What an awesome thing to make with your canes Brenda! So fun to see the Shaded Rose Canes and the Variegated Rose Canes used in this manner. I think you did a fabulous job!

  2. Thanks Cindy lately I've been wanting to think outside jewelry. I haven't done the backside yet. I even thought about pealing it off and making a stand for it and keep the clown fish for a mold to make others. I love how it turned out.