Saturday, September 11, 2010

Handmade Glass Floral Ring

Not too long ago I learned how to make my own copper wire head pins. After purchasing the tools to melt the wire, I struggled with getting it to melt. Dummy me was not doing it right. After many tries here are the end results Each bead has one of my very own copper head pins.


  1. what equipment is needed to make your own cooper wire head pins?? I have wanted to do that since Cindy showed the tutorial.

  2. I love rings and yours are just so gorgeous. Love the blue flower one. Did you use fire polished blue glass beads? What guage wire did you use for the ring band part?

  3. @ Stephanie, It was a 5th Friday Fun page: Here is the link. There are severial Video's.

    @Cherie. I bought these glass beads awhile back. I've just been waiting to fine the perfect thing to use them with.