Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jaguar Team Spirit Hearts

My two favorite sports are Nascar (#18 Go Kyle Bush) and Football. I live in a Football City ( Jacksonville Jaguars) Even though I wasn't born and raised here in Fl, I do live here, and plan on staying for awhile. So, The right thing to do is show some love for our Cities team. I thought I might try making a few of my Team Spirit Hearts for those Jag Fans out there. I will have some of my Dangle Bracelets made this weekend. Alot of hammering to do with those. :)
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  1. These are great, Brenda! My sister's husband (who died a few years back) was a huge Jacksonville fan...not sure why; he'd never been to FL or anything. His sons, my nephews, are fans now FOR him...I'm thinking they need some fan gear...the special, handmade kind like your beauties here. I'll have to make some football shaped backpack rings or'd you make those cute paw prints? Is that a stamp or did you do it by hand? Either way--awesome! Thanks for the inspiration... :~D ~Kat

  2. I painted them by hand. Ya know alot of people move to Jax but they support their home teams and the jaguars get left out. It is good to hear that there are a few out side jax that are fans :)

  3. these are so cute. I love the color too.